Belong Crewe residents roll back the years and go back to school!


Residents and customers at Belong Crewe care village rolled back the decades to find themselves in a classroom setting, taking part in a very special science lesson. The session was organised with the local Oaks Academy High School, which sent along pupils from years 7 and 8, accompanied by their science teacher, Mr Ash Scott, and their English teacher, Claire Hall.

Residents from Belong Crewe help students from The Oaks Academy with a science experiment.

Belong residents and visitors were invited to take part in a number of science experiments, including building and launching rockets, measuring lung capacity and understanding buoyancy.


Residents and Oaks Academy pupils gathered in groups to carry out the experiments under the watchful eye of Mr. Scott, and recorded their observations and results. The grand finale involved the groups making a paper rocket and seeing whose travelled furthest when launched. Mr Scott explained what effect fins and wings had on the distance the rockets travelled.

Sharon Bull, experience coordinator at Belong Crewe, said: “Everyone really enjoyed the event and it generated much discussion about science – one man, who used to be a Senior Scientific Officer at the Met Office, got very involved. The classroom scenario also prompted much laughter and jokes about ‘going back to school’. Given its success, we’re planning to hold more events like this to take place in the future.”


The visit was organised as part of a developing partnership between The Oaks Academy High School and Belong Crewe, which also involves students taking part in weekly reading sessions with residents.



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