One of West Yorkshire’s longest married couples mark their platinum wedding anniversary


One of Yorkshire’s longest married couples have marked their platinum wedding anniversary with a celebratory party at Czajka Care Group’s Beanlands Nursing Home in Cross Hills near Keighley.


Alec and Lenora Hudson met in August 1942, during World War Two, when Alec was posted to the Falkland Islands where Lenora grew up.  He was there for two years, working as a military barber and Lenora worked as a cashier in a local grocery store, and they saw each other every day. 


Alec returned home to Glusburn in 1944 but they remained in close contact and Lenora made the move to Yorkshire in December 1946.  They married at Kildwick Church a few months later and enjoyed a wedding reception at Glusburn Institute.  They now have two children, four grandchildren and a great granddaughter who all joined them, along with other members of their family, and two of their original bridesmaids, for their anniversary party. 


Alec moved into Beanlands Nursing Home late last year, which is close to the home he shared with Lenora in Cross Hills, meaning his devoted wife can visit him every day.  She says: “When I first met Alec he immediately made an impression on me and once the war was over, when he invited me to come and live in England I jumped at the chance.  Making such a move when I was only 19 wasn’t easy, but his family and friends all made me feel very welcome and my parents joined me three years later, so I’ve never had any regrets. 


“To celebrate our 70th wedding anniversary is amazing.  The team at Beanlands Nursing Home really went out of their way to make it special and it was fantastic to have our family there to mark the occasion, as well as our close friends and original bridesmaids Margaret Spencer and Elizabeth Sherry.”


Konrad Czajka, managing director of Czajka Care Group, says: “We always make an effort to mark special occasions for residents. This is the first platinum wedding anniversary that we have celebrated within the home, and it was a real privilege to share such a very special occasion. Alec and Lenora are a wonderful couple and it’s inspirational to see them still thoroughly enjoying married life after all these years.”


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