Extra Care residents spruce up garden for summer

Win with her plants

With the Great British Summer seemingly in full bloom, tenants of Watling Court Extra Care Housing Scheme spent an afternoon preparing their garden for the warmer months ahead.


Armed with a variety of plants and flowers and hanging baskets aplenty, tenants of the Ifield Way housing scheme dug out their aprons and pulled on their gloves to spend a morning gardening with one another, to spruce up the home’s courtyard for the summer months.


Tenants spent the afternoon potting plants and arranging them throughout the courtyard. As well as the assortment of potted flowers, the green fingered tenants created a mini vegetable garden – planting some tomato and pepper seeds – which they are looking forward to watching grow and picking, once ready. After their afternoon of hard work, the tenants relaxed in the sun with a well-deserved cup of tea.


Helen Goulding, scheme manager of Watling Court commented: “We are very proud to embrace a genuinely sociable and homely atmosphere here at Watling Court, the tenants absolutely love to get together and embrace their creativity with one another.”


“We already have weekly craft clubs and flower arranging sessions and as the tenants enjoyed the gardening so much, we’re hoping to make that a regular thing too.”


Gardening is incredibly beneficial for older people as it is not only a gentle form of exercise, it also reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation, as well as improving wellbeing as a result of social interaction.


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