Egg-citement in the air at Cambridgeshire care home


There was egg-citement in the air at Littleport Grange residential care home in Ely, Cambridgeshire, as staff and residents were given the opportunity to take five newborn ducklings under their wings and rear them in their first week of life.


Five eggs were delivered to the Minster Care-run home by Incredible Eggs, which gives care homes, schools and nurseries the chance to see chicks/ducklings hatch from their eggs, handle them and watch them grow.


Shortly after the eggs arrived, residents watched their new feathered friends hatch, and fed, nurtured and cared for them in their early days. After ten days under the care of staff and residents, the ducklings will be responsibly rehomed to new owners.


Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) activities have been shown to improve care home residents’ health and wellbeing. The animals offer companionship and comfort, and bring out residents’ nurturing instincts.


Angela Lowe, a resident at Littleport Grange, commented: “To see a duck hatch out of the egg, then to be able to hold it a few days later and watch all of them grow so quickly is so special. Life — it’s an amazing thing.”


Lynn Wright, Activities Coordinator at Littleport Grange, added: “Taking care of the ducklings has been an amazing experience for everyone at Littleport Grange. Having events and activities like these is really important to us, as they get everyone involved and can be a real conversation starter. Our residents can’t get enough of holding and stroking the ducklings, and we’ve all been surprised to see how much they grow day-by-day. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking after the ducklings, and are looking forward to doing it again next year.”


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