Chester care home resident showcases her artistic flair


A Sanctuary Care resident in Chester has been sharing her lifelong love of art at her very own weekly art club.

87-year-old resident Doreen Woolf from Upton Dene Residential and Nursing Home in Caldecott Close, Upton has been sharing her artistic flair at a weekly art class – which has  reconnected her with a passion that date backs to her college days.

Armed with easels and canvases, paints and crayons, the art enthusiast – who doesn’t describe herself as an art teacher – has been rolling up her sleeves to share her secrets to the perfect masterpiece each week.

Doreen,  said: “I don’t claim to be an artist but I remember being told when I was younger, you can’t teach art – you can’t teach people how to draw or paint, they have to find it themselves but you can provide a creative direction or give an idea and that’s what I enjoy doing.”

Each week Doreen will share tips on creating different pictures – whether it’s a pile of books, a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit, she will always find something for everyone to draw.

Doreen continued: “I believe art is for everyone, it’s all about perception and how people see an object or scene – no one wants a whole row of the exact same drawings and that’s why no two pieces of art are the same. This is the case in my club as well – everyone’s drawings are so different but all unique and fabulous in their own way.”

One particular resident who really enjoys the weekly class is 92-year-old Doreen Vardy (pictured) who said: “Oh I love it – it’s a bit of fun and sometimes I don’t have the vaguest idea what I’m doing, but I’ve got many of my pieces looking alright!”

Fellow resident Gill Hunt, 79, added: “I really enjoy drawing still-life and objects like I did when I was a child, when I was younger I always used to draw my granny’s fireplace.”

Sharing where her love of art began, Doreen added: “I’ve always remembered liking art back when I was at school, but it really evolved from my college days when I took part in art classes. I loved it and once I was married and settled I used to organise art classes with friends who wanted to attend – I would never be pushy and would be there if anyone wanted to take part and that’s how it all started at Upton Dene as well.”

The Sanctuary Care home’s activities leader Bernie Harding said: “Doreen knows how to bring out the creative and artistic flair in the different residents during her art club, she really comes across like a pro and it’s a joy to watch. Residents adore her class and she beams when she is hosting her own class. Doreen is extremely independent and it’s wonderful she has reconnected with a passion she used to enjoy in her younger years.”

Finally, Doreen’s tip to others is: “If you have something that you do that will interest just one other person, then do it. Creativity and hobbies should be shared!”


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