Care home residents joined in with the General Election


Residents at HC-One’s The Denby joined in with the General Election frenzy when they headed to their local polling station to cast their votes into the ballot box.


Staff transported voters to Pie Hall in Denby Dale, Yorkshire, to place the all-important cross next to their chosen party, with many of the residents in attendance claiming to have never missed a vote.


Long standing voter Peter Rands commented: I vote at every election and so it feels good that although I’m living in a care home, I’m still able to go out and vote. 


Doreen Oglesby added: “As a woman I believe that all women should vote. When I’ve cast my ballot paper I feel like I’ve done my duty.”


Another resident, June Marshal, added: “I’ve never missed a vote since I was 18 and I feel proud when I’ve voted.”


Audrey and George also accompanied the group to Pie Hall to make their voices heard and many residents sent off their postal votes prior to June 8th.  


The importance of letting care home residents vote has been a subject of much discussion over the past few months, with many care workers believing that the right to vote encourages residents to express their individuality and voice their opinion on the future that they’d like to see for themselves and their family.


Tracey Reynolds, care home manager, said: “Social care has been a hot topic of conversation over the last few months and so it is only right that we let the people who are directly affected by any government changes to express their views on the matter.”


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