102 year old Rose uses her right to vote


Staff and volunteers working across Jewish Care are doing all they can to support clients to have their say in today’s election.


102 year old Rose was the oldest Jewish Care resident who chose to vote in person rather than by post commented “it’s something I have always done”. As she was wheeled off the Jewish Care Mini Bus into the Polling station she told staff “I am excited, I am pleased I have come to be here and vote, it’s important”.


Jewish Care Chief Executive, Simon Morris, gave his support accompanying residents from Otto Schiff Care Home and Rela Goldhill @ Otto to the polling station. He commented;

“Whilst providing quality care is of upmost importance to us, we also believe that we have a role to play to ensure our clients, residents in our care homes, people we support in their own homes, feel a valued part of our community and wider society”.


“Rose is someone who has voted her whole life. Her voice and right to engage shouldn’t be lost just because she requires support”.


“I am delighted that our staff have provided the support needed to ensure clients can register and vote to have their say in the democratic process”. 


In the build up to the election, Jewish Care have voiced their concerns that the number of care home residents registered to vote has dropped dramatically since the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration in 2014. To ensure their clients were supported to register and vote,  Jewish Care produced a guide and film for their staff which was widely shared across the social care sector. The guide provided practical information enabling front line care staff to support clients with voter registration and voting. It also addressed important questions about people living with dementia and their right to vote, how decisions should be made about an individual’s capacity to vote and if having power of attorney extends to voting.


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