Preparing lunch is easy as pie for Canterbury care home residents


Whilst many of us might be thrilled at the thought of having our lunch prepared for us each day, residents at Connors House in Canterbury, decided they’d like to cook for themselves for a change!


For residents of the Craddock Road care home, being waited on isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Whilst most of us would jump at the chance to have our meals prepared for us, a group of willing Canterbury residents decided they’d like to throw on their aprons and get stuck in to preparing the day’s lunch in the kitchen.


Using the kitchen within the activity centre, the group of keen cooks joined the kitchen staff of the home, to help prepare a delicious homemade shepherd’s pie! The sous-chefs helped the team from start to finish, peeling potatoes, chopping onions and preparing the accompanying vegetables.


Once cooked, the residents enjoyed a well-earnt rest and sat down to enjoy their lunch, which must have tasted all the better for their hard work in helping to prepare it!


Christine Devlin, home manager of Connors House said: “Many of our residents here to love to get involved with the daily running of the home, whether that’s assisting with the laundry or setting the table for meal times. This is their home, so we are more than happy to support them with their daily routine, whatever it involves!”



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