Lincolnshire based Clarriots Care pledge their support to Dementia Friends


Lincolnshire based carers have pledged to support people with dementia after taking part in a Dementia Friends workshop.


Clarriots Care is committed to training people about the complexities of dementia and what they can do to make a difference to the lives of people affected.


The Dementia Friends campaign is part of a national movement to spread awareness of dementia and inspire people in their communities to get involved in helping those in need.


Care Coordinator Lucy Hunter, from Clarriots Care, organised the workshop during Dementia Awareness Week for a number of care companions who support people in the community with dementia. A group of other team members from Clarriots Care’s headquarters in Manby also attended the training session.


Lucy said: “We know that a dementia diagnosis can be terribly upsetting for the person who is diagnosed, as well as their family and friends. We are committed to providing high quality support and care to people living with dementia so that they can continue to live as independently as possible in their own homes.


“Our workshop provides carers with extra guidance on the different stages of dementia. It also gives them the skills to ensure the person they care for with dementia is comfortable in their surroundings.”


The Alzheimer’s Society began the Dementia Friend campaign to encourage members of the public to find out more about how dementia affects a person and to better understand what they can do to make them feel more at ease.


The charity’s new ‘Unite Against Dementia’ campaign aims to get the wider community involved in leading the fight against dementia through a series of initiatives.



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