Homecare provider to trek the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society


Businesswoman and home care franchise owner Visha Keshwala is to trek the arduous Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on 1st July, to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

The increasing number of clients in Visha’s home care business who struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s made her want to support the charity and take up this challenge.

With only nine weeks to go, Visha and two other members of her care team are gearing up to trek the 24 miles gruelling miles, hiking through beautiful upward terrain of 5,200 ft (1,585m) of elevation.

Brave you might say!  Brave they certainly are as none of them has undertaken such a strenuous physical and mental challenge before.

Walking any great distance is not high on the list of Visha’s regular activities which makes her determination to achieve her goal and raise £2000 even more admirable.

Visha explains: “To be truthful, I don’t really walk anywhere!  I love my car.  I enjoy getting in it, driving to my destination and getting out of it! 

“When I told my husband my idea he laughed because he knows that I don’t really walk very much.  However, now he can see that I am really determined to achieve this and he is really supportive of all of us.”

Visha, her Care Manager Joanne Caney and Co-ordinator, Lauren Lindsay began training a couple of weeks ago, walking every weekend and increasing their distance to build up fitness, strength and mental toughness.

“This will really take me out of my comfort zone,” she said.  “On one level I feel proud to be doing this for Alzheimer’s and on behalf of my business, Caremark (Hinckley, Bosworth & Blaby) and our clients but there is also a personal reason behind this. 

“The majority of our clients have dementia or Alzheimer’s and I remember one client whose story touched me deeply and has stayed with me for some time.

“I went to do a Care Assessment for this lady and having gathered all the information I needed about her and her family, I went through some questions with her.  When I asked her about her husband she looked at me with blank eyes.  There was no recollection.  No memory.  Nothing.

“She did not remember her husband of sixty years, let alone know his name.  This was both shocking and heart breaking for me.”

With the deadline not far off, the pressure is on but the ladies are confident they will succeed.

“All I want to do now is train as much as possible and actually do it,” says Visha.  “This is going to be very challenging both mentally and physically.  However, walking those 24 miles will be an achievement in itself and you cannot really beat that!” she concluded.

The fund raising event is being widely publicized and anyone wishing to donate can do so through their JustGiving page, https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Caremark-HBB supporting Visha, Jo and Lauren on their trek.


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