Extra care residents bowled over


With some time to spare on a drizzly afternoon, tenants of Watling Court Extra Care Housing Scheme set up a bowling alley in the home and enjoyed an afternoon of fun.


Tenants of the Ifield Way scheme were in a league of their own this week, when they got together to avoid a grey and miserable afternoon and host a bowling tournament.


The keen bowlers were also joined by Stephen Tomlinson, a Trustee of The Abbeyfield Kent Society, who joined their competition and certainly gave them a run for their money.


Despite his best efforts, the tenants managed to beat him and the champions were awarded their prizes for first, second and third place.


Helen Goulding, scheme manager of Watling Court commented: “The tenants had a great afternoon getting involved with their bowling tournament, there was a brilliant atmosphere with lots of cheering and laughter – we always find something to do here, even if it’s a gloomy day outside!”



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