Cross Keys Care helps Peterborough resident celebrate 100th birthday


Cross Keys Homes has helped Kingfisher Court resident, Kathleen Johnson, celebrate her 100th birthday with a surprise party.


Kathleen moved into Peterborough’s Kingfisher Court, from Western super Mere in June last year in order to be close to her family. She celebrated her birthday with her close family, and the following day enjoyed a surprise party laid on by the team at Kingfisher Court.


CKH Executive Directors Michael Heekin and Allison Long were on hand to present Kathleen with a bouquet, while the Queen was there (in cardboard form at least!) as Kathleen received her telegram from Buckingham Palace.


Kathleen said, “I have had such a wonderful weekend of celebration with my family and the amazing friends I have made here at Kingfisher Court – they are like my second family! Moving here has transformed my life. The team are so attentive and here for me whenever I need them. I feel so safe and secure living here.”


When asked what the secret to a long life is Kathleen replied “it must be my genes! My mother was 93 and my sister lived to be 104, so I guess I was blessed to come from a family of strong girls!”


Michael Heekin, CKH’s Executive Director of Finance said: “What an absolute honour it was to meet Kathleen today. So bright and cheerful and clearly enjoying her very, very special day – she is a real inspiration. It is also wonderful to see her surrounded by so many friends in the amazing surroundings at Kingfisher Court. We all wish her all the best for many more happy birthdays to come.”


Executive Director of Organisational Effectiveness and HR, Allison Long added: “Kathleen is a wonderful lady, still full of life, who highlights the positive effect that good quality housing and support has on the lives of older people. We are all living longer and more and more of us will reach 100. This is fantastic news for all of us, but we need to be able to continue to provide the housing and support that is needed, such as at Kingfisher Court.”  



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