Care home nurses across the country celebrate International Nurses Day


Nurses working at Shaw healthcare care homes across the country were each presented with a box of chocolates in celebration of International Nurses Day last Friday.

Shaw healthcare has 147 qualified nurses working throughout their services, with senior management wishing to show their appreciation of their hard work and dedication demonstrated by its nurses.

Suzanne Hughes, deputy CEO of Shaw healthcare, who visited St Johns care home in Droitwich to present a gift to its nurses, commented: “As someone from a nursing background, I know only too well the demands placed on nurses and the commitment and devotion they show to those in their care. I wish I could personally thank each of our nurses for their contributions and the positive impact they have on the people using our services.”

The day is marked around the world, celebrated on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, and recognises the contributions made by nurses to the health and wellbeing of those they care for.

Ewan McLean, director of nursing at Shaw healthcare said: “I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our nurses for their dedication to the profession and the difference they make to the lives of the people we care for across the UK. Nurses are the superheroes of the healthcare sector and often their skills and compassion appear to go unnoticed, so we wanted to extend a small thank you with a token of our appreciation.”

Shaw healthcare provides a spectrum of services from comprehensive care packages through to low level support in the community for older people and adults with physical, sensory or mental health support needs.


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