£2,500 donation helps Bield get better connected


An East Ayrshire Very Sheltered Housing Development has helped spark interest in online after a generous donation enabled them to purchase iPads for all tenants to use.


The £2,500 donation to Bield’s Warrick and Glebe Courts in Cumnock was made by a former tenant, Mr McGough, who had enjoyed his 5 and a half years at the development.


Proceeds were put towards three iPads Airs and improved Wi-Fi internet access so tenants can enjoy easier access to online resources and communications tools like Skype.


Elizabeth Wilson, Manager at Warrick and Glebe Courts, said: “Having these iPads at our disposal is absolute fantastic and it wouldn’t have been possible without such a generous donation.


“Upgrading the internet access and getting new tools to make the most of it has been great for everyone here from the tenants to the staff.”
Tenants have been using the tablet computers to keep in contact with friends and complete their shopping while staff have also been able to keep up to date with care advancements through an online education service.


Elizabeth added: “A couple of the tenants who have more experience on the tech side of things have been helping out setting up others with the devices and getting online.


“It’s been fantastic to see technology bringing everyone a bit closer together in a way we might not have expected!”


Bield encourage all their tenants to be ‘Free to Be’ and make their own choices as much as possible


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