Tenants bake eggcellent cakes for Easter weekend

John and Ray

With the Easter weekend just around the corner, tenants of Watling Court Extra Care Housing Scheme whipped up a batch of Easter themed goodies.


Easter is a time for a little indulgence, so tenants of the Ifield Way scheme decided to make the most of the opportunity to treat themselves and enjoy a spot of baking.


Gathered in the activity room, the crafty tenants made a variety of homemade sweets, including cupcakes, cornflake cakes and perhaps rather unseasonal, gingerbread men!


Once complete, the tenants were able to sample their sweet treats alongside a cup of tea, whilst discussing their plans for the upcoming Easter weekend.


Helen Goulding, scheme manager of Watling Court commented: “There is always something going on here at Watling Court and we’ve had plenty of activities taking place during the lead up to Easter!


“As well as making Easter bonnets, we’ve crafted decorations for the home and made our own hot cross buns. Over the Easter weekend there will be plenty going on too, as we’ll have our bonnet parade and famous egg hunt!”


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