Praise for dementia awareness event at Oxfordshire care home


Tall Trees in Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire, has been sharing knowledge of dementia with the community through a special event held at the care home recently.

Tall Trees, run by Caring Homes, welcomed members of the public to the free dementia awareness session which explored what dementia is, how it is diagnosed, and the effects it can have on friends and family.

The event aimed to give participants an in-depth understanding about, and empathy for, the psychological needs of a person with dementia and is based on Caring Homes’ in-house dementia training programme, Living in My World, which has just won a prestigious Princess Royal Training Award. There were hints and tips to improve communication and a practical session to understand some of the day-to-day frustrations that affect a person living with dementia.

One attendee said: “Hugely informative. Increased my understanding of what someone with dementia experiences. Everyone should attend one of these sessions because dementia can affect all of us to a greater or lesser extent either as a ‘patient’ / ‘sufferer’ or as a carer.”

Another added: ““For me as a ‘start-up’ carer for a dementia patient it was an invaluable re-enforcement of what I had tried to gather for myself. After this session I am far more understanding of the challenges that my sister is facing, and feel far better equipped to deal empathetically with the challenges we face together.”

Caring Homes’ Dementia Training Lead Michele Saunders, said: “We were delighted at the interest shown in finding out about dementia by members of the community in Shipton under Wychwood. These events enable participants to learn about dementia and help them to challenge the way people think, act and talk about the condition.

“We want to actively promote a dementia friendly community through sharing our knowledge and expertise. The aim of the session at Tall Trees was to increase awareness of dementia and help people understand what life is like for those living with the condition.”


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