Nestlé Health Science launches new online education hub to address lack of dysphagia training and support resources for carers


Nestlé Health Science launches new online education hub to address lack of dysphagia training and support resources for carers.

Nestlé Health Science has launched a new online healthcare professional hub featuring support tools and educational CPD modules following research revealing that 52% of Speech and Language Therapists believe that limited support available to carers leads to difficulty in effectively managing dysphagia.1

The hub features a dysphagia ‘Texture Modification’ online film featuring Gary, Nestlé Health Science dysphagia chef and his inventive, quick, yet simple tips for carers of people with dysphagia on how to use thickener to re-introduce those with dysphagia to familiar favourites from birthday cake to vegetables so that they can enjoy eating and drinking, whilst also getting vital nutrients and safe textures in line with Speech and Language Therapy recommendations.


Dysphagia is a neurological or physical impairment of the muscles used in chewing and swallowing, and can lead to food and drink entering the lungs instead of the stomach which causes problems from serious chest infections to pneumonia. Dysphagia affects 14% of the over 50s and it is estimated that 8 out of 10 patients with Parkinson’s disease, and 1/3 to 2/3 stroke patients, develop Dysphagia.2


Research by Nestlé Health Science shows that 72% of SLTs believe that lack of understanding about the potentially serious consequences of unmanaged or mismanaged dysphagia is a problem. Speech and Language Therapists are a key part of the multi-disciplinary teams responsible for managing dysphagia. So, to address the issues raised by SLTs, Nestlé Health Science is launching a new online training support and resource hub to support HCPs and dysphagia care givers which features:

·         Patient support materials including dysphagia recipe suggestions and videos to educate carers on looking after people with dysphagia

·         A film to help carers and care homes prepare tasty and nutritious meals using Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear

·         Downloadable education support materials for HCPs to use for training purposes  

·         Specially designed CPD sessions to demonstrate how to manage dysphagia in patients depending on their needs following speech and language therapy input and their underlying health conditions.

·         Case studies and clinical papers


Caroline Hill, Medical Affairs Dietitian for Nestlé Health Science explains: “The new Nestlé Health Science hub is a one stop online destination for support tools for use with carers. Our research shows that there is a real need for online resources to help HCPs and carers of people with dysphagia to really understand what it means to live with dysphagia.”

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