Hampshire retirees record charity single to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research

The Strummers and Pluckers

Retired residents at Grove Place, near Romsey, are raising money for Alzheimer’s research by releasing their own charity single.


Recorded at a local studio in nearby Eastleigh, the song was written by lifelong Hampshire resident Mike Lemon, and performed by the Strummers and Pluckers – Grove Place’s very own ukulele group.


Led by Mike, the Strummers and Pluckers define themselves as, ‘nine likeminded individuals who practice their craft weekly’. They are all self-taught, and have been playing together for over two years. They regularly perform at Grove Place’s ‘musical nights’ – including the ‘fun with folk’ evenings, and take great pleasure in entertaining their neighbours.


From chatting with friends, going to the gym, and praising the staff, the single – ‘The Ballad of Grove Place’ – tells the tale of life at the retirement community, and the lyrics have been printed in the monthly newsletter, The Grove Gazette.


An upbeat, humorous tune, the ukulele group convened at a local recording studio to lay down the track, having spent several days in rehearsal.


Copies of the CD are being sold in the Grove Place shop for £5, with 50 copies already purchased. Listen here:


Mike Lemon, Grove Place resident, comments; “It took two or three days to write the song, and it covers all aspects of our lives here at Grove Place. The idea came to me one afternoon while I was visiting my daughter and her family in Australia, and I ran with it.


“The lyrics are sung to a twelve bar blues format, which is standard for many genres of music. I’ve written plenty of songs before, but it felt right that the whole group should record this one together.


“All proceeds from the CD sales are being donated to fund research into Alzheimer’s, and we are delighted to be able to support such a good cause with our musical offering.”


As well as the ukulele group, Grove Place residents have also formed a choir, with a full calendar of activities for residents to enjoy.


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