Pancake Day proves stacks of fun for Northfleet care home residents


Pancake Day certainly didn’t fall flat at Dene Holm Residential Care Home, with residents and staff getting involved with a pancake tossing tournament.


Residents of the Northfleet care home enjoyed some pancake flipping fun on Shrove Tuesday, when they got together in the dining room to enjoy a flipping contest.


The keen participants spent an afternoon flipping the pancakes as many times as they could, handing over the frying pan to the next challenger once they’d dropped their pancake on the floor.


As well as the competitive tossing tournament, the residents tucked into some tasty pancakes (not those that they had been flipping, of course) with some traditional tasty toppings of lemon, sugar and golden syrup. After all, they had built up quite an appetite during their challenge!


Chris Hutchinson, home manager of Dene Holm commented: “The residents had a great time tossing the pancakes, plenty ended up on the floor but it was all good fun!


“The residents also enjoyed eating some pancakes today too, they particularly enjoyed them topped with the traditional lemon and sugar, just as they had them in their younger days.”



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