Complex care provider Badby Group launches #whyicare campaign


A COMPLEX care provider has launched a campaign to share the voices of kind hearted and compassionate carers.

The #whyicare project records the thoughts of team members who want to combat negative stereotypes of social care.

The Badby Group kicked off the campaign with videos from staff members across it’s four sites and have shared them across social media platforms.

The team at The Badby Group hope that other providers will follow suit and share their inspiring stories and reasons ‘why they care’.

Paul Hill, CEO, said that it was incredibly inspiring to hear why people choose to care and why they love their jobs

He said: “The vast majority of people who work in social care are hardworking, dedicated compassionate people and their voices need to be heard.

“We are proud to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society and our care teams get a real satisfaction supporting them to lead more fulfilled lives.

“We want the brightest and the best to work in social care and I hope these videos show how rewarding it can be to work in a complex care setting.”

The campaign captured the voices from all different levels of the organisation, from the senior team and therapists, through to administrators and facilities managers.

Julie Hepton, Registered Nurse at Badby Park in Daventry, said it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to say why she loved coming to work

She said: “I love our residents, they are amazing, I love working them and trying to make a difference. I love the people that I work with – I just love the whole place.”

To take a look at the #whyicare videos from the Badby Group please visit on @BadbyGroup on Twitter or @BadbyGroup on Facebook.





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