Cheshire care home runs exercise sessions to boost wellness


Residents at Leycester House in Mobberley, Cheshire, have put some oomph into their daily routines thanks to a special programme of exercise classes. The Croftwood Care-run home runs a tailored fitness programme for residents featuring Oomph! and Age Active exercise sessions, designed to boost wellness, sociability and quality of life.


Oomph!, which stands for ‘Our Organisation Makes People Happy’, is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming older people’s quality of life through group-based exercise classes.


During Oomph! sessions, residents are led by the home’s Activity Coordinator, Debbie Gregory, through a series of fast-paced exercises, such as chair aerobics, dance and cheerleading, with music and props helping to give the classes a fun atmosphere. The classes, which can last anywhere from half an hour to one hour, are fun, interactive, and leave residents feeling more alert, more agile, more confident and more engaged.


The home also holds specialist Age Active fitness sessions, run by an organisation of the same name which hosts monthly exercise classes for older people in care homes across the North West. During the Age Active classes, residents work through a series of stretches, breathing exercises, and free-weight movements. The exercises are tailored to the needs and abilities of the participants and designed to increase mobility, general fitness, and mental stimulation.


Being active on a regular basis is important for maintaining overall health, and routine exercise has also been repeatedly linked to increased happiness, mental health and sociability. Regular exercise and activity has been shown to significantly improve quality of life for older people.


Jeanette Oldbury, Home Manager at Leycester House, said: “Our Age Active and Oomph! sessions are fantastic opportunities to get our residents involved in group activities and help keep everyone active. Helping someone to remain happy, healthy, and independent is integral to their quality of life, and we’re delighted that so many residents are seeing benefits from our exercise programme.”


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