CEO of Excelcare completes Mount Everest trek and raises a staggering £10,270

Osman Ertosun

In February this year, Ozzie Ertosun, CEO of Excelcare suddenly realised he was turning 50 in April and with this in mind; he decided to embrace this milestone and set himself a challenge that he would always remember but one that also gave something to others too !!

Ozzie said, ‘After discussions with close friends about what to do the challenge became clear “Mount Everest Base Camp” was our mission !!

Who better to join me on this life changing challenge to conquer Everest than my younger brother and best friend Engin along with two of my crazy friends Mike Millen and Steve Doran; before we had time to change our minds our adventure was booked.

With everything in place and training commenced now was the time to decide on who we could help through our quest.  After bombarding Sam Manning my Deputy CEO with messages it was decided; we would set up a Just Giving page for St Christopher’s Hospice; a local aspiring cause to where I grew up, that was founded the same year that I was born.

Choosing this charity made me think back to many good times; even as far back as the Jubilee year of 1977 when I was growing up.

St Christopher’s Hospice has helped so many of my friends and family with compassionate palliative care and support.

Back in 1991, Excelcare had just 2 homes and I always remember one of the first Carers that worked for us; she was called Samantha – she was a really lovely, loyal and caring person; sadly she lost her battle to Cancer, at St Christopher’s Hospice at the age of just 19. In many ways the dedication, thoughtfulness and commitment from my Deputy, Sam Manning reminds me of Samantha; and I am sure had Samantha won her battle, she would be part of the Excelcare management team today.

The Charity was founded by Dame Cicely Saunders and it was her aspiring ethos that gave me, my inspiration for this challenge … “You matter because you are you and you matter until the last moment of your life”.

On the 21st March 2017, Ozzie and Engin Ertosun completed their Mount Everest challenge along with their friends Mike Millen and Steve Doran. They each said, it was a truly life changing experience and something they will never forget and could not have done the journey without the morale support from their friends and family.

On the day they completed their challenge, Excelcare’s Head Office in Bromley and Care Homes in Cambridge, Essex, London and Milton Keynes held a Wear Bright Clothes and Selfie Day to raise more money on their CEO’s Just Giving Page and to show Ozzie and Engin their support! The winning home for the brightest selfies was Glennfield Care Centre, the Manager Jude reeve said, “The Ertosun boys have achieved such a lot, on an amazing journey so we wanted to show them, that the Excelcare family are soooo proud of them!”

Ozzie’s Just Giving page currently stands at a staggering £10,270 plus gift aid of £1,303.18 making a total of £11,573.18.



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