Fylde Foodbank benefits from local care home visit


A rest home has made a generous donation to the Fylde Foodbank.


Residents and their team at The Moorings, one of Lakeview Rest Homes four establishments, visited the Fylde Foodbank where they made a generous donation of £165 for people in need.


Fittingly the money was raised by the sale of art and craft items which had been made by residents over the Christmas period, and the money raised was matched by donation from the Rest Home management.


Each year residents chose which charities they would like to support, and the Foodbank visit proved a moving and informative experience for all concerned. It certainly clarified ideas and decisions for some.


Resident Margaret Hill commented, “I was struck by sadness at the need for Foodbanks, but inspired by the hope and the dignity the volunteers bring to help people. We are due to select the charities that we want to support this year. The Fylde Foodbank will certainly be my choice because it offers a direct route to help local people in crisis situations’


Fellow resident Ann Lord agreed and added, ‘It was humbling but it has inspired me to go back to The Moorings and to tell others what we have learned and for us to look at other ways we can try to help.’


Fylde Foodbank is part of the Trussel Trust UK  Foodbank. The Moorings residents visited their premises Church Road Methodist Centre in St Anne’s and learned more of the important role played by the charity who provide not just food but also support, advice and where needed just a listening ear. And nor is it simply food that is required – donations of toilet rolls, sanitary wear tin openers, nappies, toiletries and baby food are also welcomed.


General manager Gina Kidd said, ‘The Fylde foodbank is there to help people rather than to build reliance. The volunteers explained to us how they manage the food and donations given, and how simple things can be done to offer support, for example from donating money to providing shopping bags.’


‘It makes me proud,’ said managing director Pete Wood, ‘to think that our residents came up with this initiative and reminds me of how if you allow people the opportunity, they can turn a simple activity into a means to help someone else. The volunteers here are amazing and I’d ask anyone to help in any way they can.’



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