Feline visitor brings a smile to Kirkcaldy nursing home residents


Dogs are frequent visitors to Methven House Nursing Home in Kirkcaldy as they often accompany relatives and friends of the residents when they call in. Various animal handling organisations are part of the social calendar.  Cats on the other hand don’t spring to mind as animals who go out and about visiting but many residents have had cats as much loved pets of their own in past years.

When local registered charity “Cat & Chat” contacted Methven House offering to visit with Momo-Chan, a very friendly lap cat, there was no pussy footing around and a date was arranged. The residents loved their friendly feline visitor who happily sat on each knee in turn and accepted cuddles and stroking. It was a pleasure to see their delight and hear them chat about their own cats. The visit was a great success and there are plans for Momo-Chan to come back to Methven House on a regular basis and visit other care homes in the Kingdom Homes group.


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