Country Court Care homes uphold Dignity Action Day


Dignity Action Day is an annual opportunity for health and social care workers, and members of the public to uphold people’s rights to dignity in care. The day is promoted across the UK on 1st February 2017. Friends, family and health care professionals were invited to come along to our care homes in Sheffield and across the UK to celebrate Dignity Action Day. Everyone was invited to join staff and residents for a cup of tea and see our Dignity Trees.

“The idea of Dignity Action Day is to highlight a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people. The day is a great way for our staff to proactively spread the message about dignity in care homes”. Explains Dipin Peters, Home Manager at Abbey Grange Nursing & Care Home.

Residents at Abbey Grange Nursing and Care Home in Frith Park, Sheffield enjoyed a fantastic Digni-TEA party in the afternoon. Relatives joined residents for tea and cakes, singing and dancing. Residents had written down what dignity means to them and the messages were attached to their dignity tree, homemade cakes were kindly baked by a relative.

At Norwood Grange Care Home on Longley Lane in Sheffield residents also enjoyed a fabulous Digni-TEA event and also had a great Dignity Tree. Staff, residents and relatives had added lots of messages to explain what dignity meant to them. They included “Showing kindness to people and helping them live full lives” and “Looking after my Mum as if she were your Mum”. They also enjoyed looking back at photos of the all the fantastic events and activities they’d done over the past year.

At Belmont House Nursing and Care Home in Stocksbridge residents enjoyed reminiscing over a cup of tea and biscuit. They shared old photographs of Stocksbridge and Sheffield and told us about the jobs they’d done and the places they had lived in. Joyce enjoyed telling us about the shop she had owned on Manchester Road in Stocksbridge which sold ‘all sorts’ from wallpaper and paint to sweets! Doreen told us about being part of the Land Army and getting up to milk the cows.



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