One of Manchester’s oldest residents celebrates 106th Birthday at Sunrise of Bramhall


Kitty Wiley, great-grandmother and resident of Bramhall, yesterday celebrated her 106th birthday, surrounded by her family, old friends, and the whole Sunrise team.

Kitty was born in Leicestershire in 1911 as one of fifteen, and four of her siblings also reached the lofty age of 100. She married her husband, Bob, in 1937, and spent her working life in a ladies’ shop, making clothing alterations. She has lived in South London, Stockport and Wilmslow, before joining the Sunrise of Bramhall community in the summer of 2016.

For Kitty’s big day, she had her hair done in the Sunrise salon in the morning, and the kitchen team baked Kitty her very own birthday cake. Old friends from the local community popped in all day to visit her, and her son David attended the celebration alongside many guests.

Activities Co-ordinator Bethan Wild shared the birthday cake amongst all the guests, and champagne flowed all afternoon. The bistro was decorated with birthday cards from friends and family, as well as a very special card from the Queen.

Kitty has always loved to cycle, dance, read, socialise and play the piano – and even gave a rendition of her favourite song, “You are my sunshine”, to the lucky guests at her party. She continues to enjoy reading and singing at Sunrise and loves to sit in her room snuggled into a warm blanket, with the radio or television on.

Dawn Williams, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Bramhall, said:

“It was an honour to throw Kitty a big party for her 106th birthday celebrations, and to see all of her friends, family, and our staff at Sunrise of Bramhall join together to celebrate the special day. She must be one of Manchester’s oldest – a huge achievement.”

“Thanks to the kitchen team for Kitty’s amazing personalised cake, and for everyone who was involved in making the day so memorable for everyone, especially Kitty. Here’s to many more years!”



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