Maritime care home counts the benefits of exercise for residents

Residents enjoying activities at Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society

Award-winning care home, Belvedere House of The Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society, has marked the New Year with a boost of confidence and independence among its residents renewing elderly exercise classes within its selection of specialised care services.


The routines combine stretching, mobility and strength exercises, including using resistance equipment such as light weights to improve strength, and soft equipment such as inflatable balls or cushions to improve agility and reflexes. The sessions also enjoy pleasant background music during classes to help coordination, which the residents thoroughly enjoy and often chant along to.


The Banstead-based care home appointed personal trainer Joanne Lander four years ago to provide an innovative exercise class in the home’s spacious lounge, with up to 25 residents taking part each week. The class is open for all residents irrespective of their fitness levels.


A recent review showed that the classes increase the residents’ range of movement, mobility and balance. It also improves body posture and blood circulation, which reduces blood pressure and tackles obesity. More importantly, staff at the home have noticed that residents feel more confident about their physical abilities and  becoming noticeably more independent.


Joanne’s class also focuses on breathing exercises, which challenge residents to tackle any shallow daily breathing and to oxygenate their brains. This plays an important role in helping the nervous system restore, and ultimately improves sleep; it has been proven to reduce stress and depression.


Personal trainer, Joanne Lander, said: “When we get older, we tend to refrain from doing any form of exercise and  live by what others tell us we can do. My routine has been designed to challenge my students in a constructive way and help them achieve a greater state of mind. It’s never too late to improve our mobility, flexibility and agility for the sake of our physical and mental wellbeing.”

Anne Kasey, Home Manager said: “We have been extremely pleased with the positive impact Joanne’s class has had upon our residents’ attitude and we are glad to have included an exercise class in our schedule of interactive activities. The class has a tremendous turnout and it has been fantastic to see how small movement and lovely music brings our residents such joy and happiness.”


The Society houses 68 residents who receive the best possible care and support in single en suite,  rooms, and a dedicated unit for those living with dementia.. The home offers a range of activities, including music therapy, a dedicated hair salon and a cosy bar which is a favourite with residents and visitors alike.


The Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society’s purpose-built nursing care home is situated within 14 acres of Surrey countryside, offering a full range of on-site services, including nursing and specialised dementia care. With its idyllic setting and award-winning care, it’s easy to see why the home is a ‘safe haven’ for retired seafarers in sickness and old age.


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