Care home residents have been shown easy and tasty ways to live a well-balanced lifestyle

(L-R): Resident Ruby Richardson, Activities Assistant Kayleigh Inns, Resident Cyril Harpin, Care Assistant Richard Abbiss and Resident Olive Coles.

Culinary creative residents from two Sanctuary Care homes have been getting their five-a-day with fruity smoothie sessions.

There was an ap-peel-ing variety of exotic fruit on offer when the team and residents at Hatfield Residential and Nursing Home in Hertfordshire and Rowanweald Residential and Nursing Home in Harrow showed the fun and easy ways to get your five-a-day as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Enjoying generous helpings of delicious fruit and vegetables, including watermelon, blackberries, kiwis, strawberries and so much more, residents sampled mouth-watering fruit platters and smoothies.

The tangy get-togethers – which saw an abundance of colourful fruit and winter vegetables peeled, sliced and transformed into smoothies by the home’s catering team – was set up to show the fun ways to stick to a healthy diet.

Home manager at Hatfield Mary Tolladay explains: “We are very health conscious here so thought what better way to promote the fun and easy ways to live well – especially as many people will be starting New Year’s resolutions this time of year.

“Eating healthy often has a bad reputation for being boring and we wanted to change this, we wanted to show everyone that if we can do it so can you.”

Hatfield resident, 95-year-old Ethel Ayton said: “The smoothies were just delicious and tasty.”

Fellow resident Olive Coles, who is 88 years old added: “Oh it was so much fun, the drinks were fab – I even took a picture of all of us with the smoothies to put on my wall.”

Meanwhile, Rowanweald resident Maria Heneghan, 75 said: “It was such a lovely idea, the smoothies were delicious.”

Fellow resident Helen Condon, who is 92 years old concluded: “It was so much fun, the smoothies were very tasty – I even went for seconds!”


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