Care home residents get to grips with iPads and the online world


A Sanctuary Care home in Weston-super-Mare has been bridging the digital gap as residents get to grips with iPads.

Residents at Beach Lawns Residential and Nursing Home in Beach Road have been learning new skills throughout the year to help them to engage in the growing online world with the help of Bristol-based charity Alive!

Armed with their iPads, residents have been introduced to a range of engaging apps, demonstrating how popular platforms can act as a stimulating communication and life tool.

The quarterly sessions use creative apps including Pic Collage, where residents can create posters, postcards and image collages which they create to enjoy reminiscing about days gone by – with everything from vintage toy collages to past family photos.

They also used the popular app this Christmas time whey they turned digitally savvy to create their own festive cards with visual seasonal greetings.

On finishing her Christmas message, Christine Townend, 75-year-old, said: “They looked very nice, just what a normal Christmas card would look like being bright with decorations and cakes.”

Residents also use iPads in their daily routines from accessing the news and the weekly weather forecast to listening to music and watching films.

Fellow resident, Iris Hodder, who is 89 years old said: “It’s fantastic to learn new skills at our ages, I even use it to socialise with one of my friends.”

Lorraine Johnson, 66-year-old resident added: “I’m not technologically able but even I can do it and finally understand what my grandchildren are on about.”

The Sanctuary Care home’s activities assistant Josie Skuse commented: “Working with Alive! and the residents on the iPads is very important as the world is becoming more and more digital, so we are doing all that we can to support our residents who would like to keep up with these advances in technology to do so.

“To most of us iPads are a natural part of our life but working with the residents it really highlights how these tablets do provide such a life tool to all generations and it’s wonderful to see how they have engaged with it.

“We use the iPads all the time whether it’s for reminiscing, writing letters, creating photo albums, listening to music and reading the news – it’s really opened our residents’ eyes that we can do all this at the touch of a button.”


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