Hair-Raising Halloween at Bield’s Rowan Gardens


bield-care-induustry-newsRowan Gardens, a Very Sheltered Development in Greenock celebrated Halloween in style this year with their own self-decorated ghoulish party. 

A longstanding tradition at Bield’s Rowan Gardens, they have thrown more than ten Halloween parties in the past and went a step further this year creating a mix of decorations from creepy cards to bewitching banners.

Gillian Blaikie, Manager at Rowan Gardens commented, “Every year the Halloween party is a great opportunity for our tenants to come together and have a fun and entertaining evening.

“There wasn’t a strict dress code but lots of people made an effort to wear something spooky.

“This party was undoubtedly our biggest yet – we spent eight weeks preparing the decorations!”

The tenants have been diligently sewing highly intricate designs with witches and pumpkins with which they decorated the party, along with a variety of carved pumpkins. They also prepared a wide variety of spooky snacks including “winged” monkey nuts, tangerines and Halloween cakes.

For one lucky resident, Joe McGachy, whose birthday falls on the 31st, the event was also a birthday party.

Gillian added: “It was fantastic to double up the party for Joe’s birthday, adding an extra element of celebration and an even bigger excuse for tucking in to a bit of cake!

Activities like these are a great example of our tenants staying ‘Free to Be’ and living their lives in the way that they choose.”

The group took part in party games, including pass the parcel, group singing, collecting treats hidden around the room and, of course, bobbing for apples.


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