Care home hosts an event to reflect and remember


1-remembranceA Lytham St Annes rest home held a special service to commemoration not only those lost during the War Years, but also to remember other family and friends who are no longer with us.


On Remembrance Day on 11th November residents and staff of Lakeview Rest Homes remembered members of their family and friends who lost their lives fighting for their Country. And they combined this with thoughts of loved ones lost to us during the last year. So at this sensitive and emotive time a special ceremony was held to remember them.


Lakeview Rest Homes comprises four rest homes: The Moorings, Rosewood Lodge, Newfield Lodge and Lakeview Lodge. Residents from all four came together at The Mooring for this special and emotive occasion. They were joined by over 140 family, friends and guests who came together  to hear Chaplain Richard Golding, Methodist Chaplain for the elderly, give a service.


Janine Drake, Lakeview Activity Coordinator said, ‘This was a solemn but in many ways an uplifting and positive event, that gave us all the chance to take a moment for reflection. It is important for people to know that memories of them live on for the rest of us.’


Bob Maughan was impressed by the number of people present and said of the event,‘It was very well attended, a very heartfelt idea and very moving.’


2-remembranceThe service was followed by the release of over 100 balloons. These were in response to requests  by friends and family, and the balloon commemorations were created by residents. Each balloon was a poignant and moving tribute as each had a messages and memories of loved ones attached to it. There was many a tearful eye, and a smile, as these were released into the air.


Visitor Arnold Craig said he was, ‘Touched by the occasion and the fact that people young and old had taken the time out of their busy days to join in the event.’


Others too were moved by the occasion. Donald Eastwood thought the balloons were very fitting and said, ‘It was a marvellous idea’.  Whilst fellow resident Ann Lord commented, “It was a brilliant afternoon, the true meaning of what Remembrance Day is all about’



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