Belong Warrington residents celebrate Grandparents Day with local school children


care-industry-news-belong-warringtonResidents from specialist care village, Belong Warrington, enjoyed an afternoon at Chapelford Village Primary School, where they toured the school and listened to a special performance by the choir, to celebrate National Grandparents Day; a day that aims to recognise the vital role that grandparents play in the lives of their children and grandchildren.


Belong residents joined Chapelford Primary pupils for a tour of the modern school, during which residents talked about their memories of bygone school days, including practices such as writing with ink pens and instilling discipline through ‘the cane’, to the children.


Residents also enjoyed an afternoon tea, accompanied by a performance from the school choir, who had prepared a selection of old time songs for their visitors. Pupils chose to sing old songs because they had learned in Dementia Friends awareness sessions that music is a valuable reminiscence tool for older people living with dementia.


belong-warrington-care-industry-newsBelong Warrington’s Experience Coordinator, Lisa Mclaughlin said: “It was wonderful to see the two generations getting on so well at the primary school. We were thrilled to be invited to join in with Chapelford Primary’s Grandparent’s Day event, to celebrate and encourage the extremely important influence that grandparents and older people have on children.”


The care village has partnered with the primary school previously, to run Dementia Friends awareness sessions, where pupils are taught skills for supporting older people living with dementia.


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