Care home resident recalls the golden day of film


20160824_48 20160824_46Douglas Adams, a resident at Methven House Nursing Home in Kirkcaldy, had a very successful and interesting career – for around 40 years he managed one of Kirkcaldy’s largest and busiest cinemas. During his career Douglas won several awards and was twice the recipient of MGM’s golden lion award for Showman of the Year – an award not often made outside of the USA. In 1993 Douglas was invited to a Reception at Buckingham Palace to honour him for the amount of charity money collected in his cinema for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as Douglas regularly took to the stage to ask cinema goers to make a donation as they left the theatre.

Kingdom Homes Ltd, who own Methven House along with nine other care homes in Fife, provide residents with the opportunity to fulfil an ambition or attend a special event through the “Wishing Well”. Douglas mentioned that it would be interesting to see how a modern day cinema is run. Events Manager, Paula, contacted the local Odeon cinema to see if it would be possible for Douglas to visit and so, with his wife Evelyn and son Stewart, Douglas was driven to the Odeon and shown around the 10-screen cinema by Deputy Manager, Lorna Melville.

“It’s quite a change to see such a large daylight-filled foyer” said Douglas and his wife Evelyn remarked that things are a lot less formal now as she remembers Douglas dressing in a dinner suit, white shirt and black bow tie for work. The screening theatres are also much smaller in size than in Douglas’s time when cinema’s would have one theatre and one film showing at a time. Douglas was able to experience the modern day sound and visual effects.  There’s no “roll of film” either these days with screenings controlled by a computer which can be managed from the Managers office.

Douglas and his family’s visit ended with a coffee before boarding the minibus again to return to Methven House after a very interesting day out.


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