It’s time all care homes were Living with Harmony


Living with Harmony-care industry newsIf music be the food of love then Music Therapy is indeed the way to improve mental wellbeing.

Everyone knows how powerful music is. Hear a tune and it takes you back to a moment in time. It can have you tapping your feet, singing loudly or even weeping. Music is so powerful that it’s now recognised as a method of therapy across the world.

This is why Alistair Clarkson and Meta Killick have created Living with Harmony; a unique service which has already made its presence felt in care homes across the south of England.

Alistair Clarkson said; “Music Therapy uses the powerful and universal language of music to improve physical and mental health. It has been practised throughout the world for centuries and still holds up to the scrutiny of modern medicine today.

“Music is a part of your life that deeply connects because spoken language evolved from the calls and cries of our pre human ancestors. It is the musical elements – the pitch, rhythm, speed and tone quality – that bring emotion and communicative life to our sounds.

“As Music therapists we work with these elemental and innate musical qualities to connect powerfully and effectively with those we are asked to help.

“Music links us to our culture; it reminds us of the past, helps us to enjoy the present and even to dream of the future. We use music to bring opportunities and benefits to people of all ages; and hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, residential care homes and schools can all find benefits from music therapy. We lessen problems experienced by adults or children with illness or disability using communication, care and creativity.

Meta Killick commented; “At Living with Harmony, we provide sessions tailored to individual needs and can include carers and family members. Sessions last approximately an hour and the group numbers are normally only limited by the space.”

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