Wingwalker for Jewish Care


wing walk photoVanessa Kushner, who lives in Edgware stepped outside her comfort zone this month and onto the wings of a plane, to raise funds for the Jewish Care home where her late father was a resident. Vanessa raised over £1600 when she completed her most terrifying challenge by standing on the wings of a plane whilst it travelled over Gloucestershire at speeds of 135mph!

Married to Nigel for 15 years and mum of their four children – Rebecca 13, Zak 11, Jake 9 and Matty who turned 7 the day his mum took to the sky.

Vanessa, a qualified teacher and tutor said, “I wanted to do the wing walk in memory of my late father, Franchot Ross. I have done a zip wire, two sky dives and now this for charity over the last five years.

“I was so nervous and most worried about climbing on the wing of the plane but once I was up there and was strapped into a standing chair, there were a few final instructions and off we went. The wind and rain were hitting my face but I was trying to smile for the video recording me! It was still fun to be standing on the outside of the plane in the sky. After about ten minutes we came down and I felt exhilarated and shaky.”

Previously Vanessa has raised £1000 for zip wiring down Europe’s longest zip wire, which is in Wales and another £1000 for a skydive for Jewish Care, and another for Chai Cancer Care.

Vanessa’s dad died in December 2015. He had MS and lung cancer and was a resident at Rela Goldhill the Jewish Care home in Golders Green. Vanessa says,

“The staff at Rela Goldhill Jewish Care home made my dad’s time there incredibly special. It was his home and he loved being there. The staff look after the residents with such compassion. I raised money for their care home so the residents can have holidays that are adapted for people with disabilities so I’m glad I exceeded my goal of raising £1000.”

Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Daniel Carmel Brown said, “There is a first for everything and I believe this is the first time we have had anyone wing walking for Jewish Care. It’s wonderful Vanessa has taken on this challenge in memory of her late father and we are touched she chose to raise money to support Rela Goldhill, the home in which her dad lived in.”


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