Craft Group Knit Twiddle Muffs for Dementia Residents

L-R Heather, Jane, Pam, Joan, Margaret and Maureen
L-R Heather, Jane, Pam, Joan, Margaret and Maureen

A craft group based at Kemsing Church has been busy knitting a batch of Twiddle Muffs for residents at nearby care home, The Dynes. The group visited the residents on 13th July to present their finished products.


The craft group, lead by Jane Webb, regularly put their creative skills to good use by manufacturing various knitted products for charities, including making goods for the Queen Mother Clothing’s Guild.


When they heard about the Twiddle Muff phenomenon, the group decided to make a batch for the residents at The Dynes, with whom they already have a good relationship. They visited the home on the 13th July to hand over the finished products and explain their use to the residents.


Twiddle Muffs are brightly coloured knitted sleeves, adorned with buttons, bobbles, ribbons and other sensory items, which residents living with dementia can ‘twiddle’ with, keeping their hands occupied and improving circulation.


Activity coordinator#B30097Jane Webb commented: “Twiddle Muffs have really taken off lately, with lots of people using them for residents with dementia, as the bits and bobs give them something to fiddle with and have been proven to reduce anxiety.”


Nicky Pett, home manager of The Dynes said, “We’re really grateful to the group for making these for us, they are absolutely wonderful and I’m sure they will be an excellent source of sensory stimulation for the residents here.”


The group are always on the lookout for haberdashery products. If you’d like to donate, please contact Kemsing Church on 01732 761351


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