Cheshire care home staff create scarecrows for local Crow Fair


IMG_0855Members of staff at Crossways, a CLS-run care home in Cheshire, have created a pair of scarecrows for entry into ‘The Crow Fair’, a local fair and scarecrow competition held annually in the local village of Moulton.


With the theme of this year’s competition being ‘jobs or occupations’, Crossways Domestic Supervisor Yvonne Morton and Activity Coordinator Sharon Moores built scarecrows representing a CLS carer and resident using, among other materials, old cushions, tights and chicken wire.


Although ‘Claire’ and ‘Morris’, as the Crossways scarecrows are known, garnered a great deal of attention from the crowds, they unfortunately failed to place in the competition. Following their moment in the limelight, the scarecrows have now found a permanent home in the garden at Crossways, much to the delight of residents.


Paul Bowman, Home Manager at Crossways, commented: “We always try to get involved with events in the local community and The Crow Fair was no exception. It was brilliant to have scarecrows at the fair representing our home and the work that we do, and I’d like to thank Yvonne and Sharon for all their hard work.”


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