Social Care Week 2016: It’s no secret; Care Council for Wales take great pride in its workforce


WalesJune 20-24 marks Social Care Week 2016, a week dedicated to the workforce – the 88,000-plus practitioners who are the backbone of social care and early years and childcare services in Wales.


Each day, more than 150,000 people depend on the dedication and devotion of this skilled and essential workforce, and with the needs of those accessing services varying greatly, Social Care Week is an opportunity for the sector and the public to show its appreciation.


Workforce regulator, the Care Council for Wales is urging people share their first-hand experiences of receiving excellent care in Wales, by tweeting @CareCouncil and using the hashtag #ThanksForCaring.


And with it being almost a year since it implemented its new, revised, Code of Professional Practice, the Care Council will be using the occasion to remind the workforce of the standards they should be working to, while ensuring the public also know the level of service they should expect when receiving care.


Throughout the week it will be celebrating its Caring with Pride and Our Code is Not a Secret campaigns which promote the Code.


They will take a look at different aspects of the code every day – such as respect, integrity and knowledge – and hear from various workers about how they have embedded its principles in to their everyday working. 


And the workforce is urged to join the discussion too.


The Care Council wants to hear from workers on social media about how they’ve embedded the principles of the Code in to their work.


So be loud and be proud, and be sure to use the hashtags #CaringWithPride and #careweek throughout the week.



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