Worcester care home residents explore the world of food

Marcela Flores, Peggy Munro, Cherrelle James, Margaret Peck and Andy Hill.
Marcela Flores, Peggy Munro, Cherrelle James, Margaret Peck and Andy Hill.

Residents of a Worcestershire care home have been sent on a voyage of discovery thanks to their taste buds.

Northwick Grange Care Home invited the 30 residents and their families to try a range of different dishes and award them marks out of five before deciding what to add to their Summer menu.

Staff at the Old Northwick Lane home in Worcester wanted to get the residents involved in order to promote a healthy, well-balanced and nutritional diet as part of a holistic approach to treatment.

Foods including Jamaican spiced ginger cake, lasagne, barbecue pulled pork wraps, tomato and basil lasagne, spiced summer puddings and many more dishes formed the tasting session.

Residents and relatives then voted on them, grading them on look, smell, texture and the all-important taste.

Kelly Gatfield, manager of Northwick Grange Care Home, said: “Food is a huge factor in our residents’ lives and we want to ensure the meals we provide not only satisfy their tastes but benefit their health.

“Healthy eating is vital to keeping well in later life. The right spices are proven to improve longevity and well-being, while meals that are high in nutritional value help protect cognitive functions as we age.

“It was great to see our residents taking such an interest and discussing their different meal options with such enthusiasm. They are now looking forward to actually seeing them on the menu.”

Northwick Grange Care Home is part of the privately-owned Clarendon Care Group which is based in Worcestershire.


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