Warrington care home residents enjoy horsing around during Donkey Week

Lillian Benson, 84, (L) and Brenda Coleridge, 91, (R) with Rusty the donkey
Lillian Benson, 84, (L) and Brenda Coleridge, 91, (R) with Rusty the donkey

Residents at Holcroft Grange, the CLS-run care home in Warrington, were delighted to receive a visit from a very special guest, Rusty the donkey!


Rusty was invited to the home from the Donkey Sanctuary in Manchester to celebrate Donkey Week 2016, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of working mules worldwide. During the visit, residents enjoyed petting and grooming Rusty, while learning more about his story and unique character.


Holcroft Grange is no stranger to four-legged friends. Last year, the care home adopted another donkey, Cocoa, from the sanctuary, which takes in ill, neglected, and homeless donkeys and nurses them back to health. After meeting Rusty and learning more about him, residents once again decided to give back to the charity, raising a donation of £70.


Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is well known for its benefits to older people and those living with dementia. By encouraging residents to ask questions while forming a bond with the animal, ATT improves the wellbeing of older people, as well as bringing them together to socialise and later reminisce about their memories of the day.


Nicola Newens, Activity Coordinator at Holcroft Grange, commented: “We enjoyed our visit to the Donkey Sanctuary last year so much that we had to celebrate Donkey Week this time around! The visit was a great way to bring our residents together and strengthen our relationship with the sanctuary. Everyone fell in love with Rusty and the residents were really excited to learn more about him.”


Donkey Week is organised by The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity that aims to transform the quality of life for donkeys and mules through greater understanding and collaboration.


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