Indoor garden at Glasgow care home


ABupa Glasgow Care Home is offering its residents the chance to get ‘in-and-about’ with the creation of its very own indoor garden.


Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home on Currie Street has converted a previously under-used space into a relaxing and comfortable garden environment, complete with an astro-turf hedge, sky blue ceiling with painted clouds, garden furniture and stonework wallpaper to create the effect of an outside wall.


An array of indoor plants have also been selected to contribute the sights and smells of an everyday garden, as well as a carefully designed interior, and the area is open to all residents and visitors to enjoy on a daily basis.


The idea was thought up by residents and staff eager to bring something different to Wyndford Locks and provide a more relaxing and enjoyable living space. This addition has been particularly welcome for those living with dementia for whom going outdoors can be challenging.


Alan Twigg, Home Manager at Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home, said: “The reaction to the indoor garden has been overwhelmingly positive.


“Whereas the space was previously under-used, the makeover has given it a new lease of life and all of our residents have enjoyed the chance to relax in the garden without the stress of making their way out of the home.


“We’re hoping to add some speakers and an MP3 player to channel some garden sounds and really complete the effect. The door is always open and the new space is proving really popular.”


Dementia takes various forms and can leave people living with the condition feeling confused, isolated or distressed. In some cases they will not recognise even close relatives and loved ones.


However, research has repeatedly shown the benefits of helping those with the condition to channel and focus on positive memories from their lives. The indoor garden offers residents a safe and comfortable area in which do so.



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