Gravesend Tenants Ring in National Doughnut Week


IMG_2082Never ones to miss out on a celebration, tenants at Watling Court in Gravesend marked National Doughnut Week by tucking into some tasty treats in the sunny garden.


National Doughnut Week takes place annually and aims to raise funds and awareness for The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries. Bakers and business owners alike across the country are encouraged to donate a small amount to the charity for each doughnut they sell.


To get involved, staff at Watling Court bought in a batch of tasty doughnuts for the tenants at the Ifield Way housing scheme to enjoy. With the spring sun shining, the tenants all headed to the garden to savor their IMG_2077doughnuts with a cup of tea.


Helen Goulding, scheme manager of Watling Court commented: “There is more often than not a celebration going on here at Watling Court. The tenants love their food and really enjoy socialising with one another too, so we like to combine the two to make some fun activities. This activity raised awareness for a great cause too – which makes it even better!”


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