Care home staff celebrate resident, Gladys Flenning’s 105th Birthday yesterday


Gladys with her daughtersGladys who has been living at Clarence Park Care Home for 6 years, celebrated her 105th Birthday yesterday among her family and friends!

Anita, activities coordinator together with her husband, Ron and all the staff at Clarence Park arranged a special afternoon. Decorating the dining room with birthday banners, balloons and giving Gladys a ‘Birthday Girl’ sash to wear.
Gladys received a very special card from the Queen, congratulating her on her achievement.

Ron played his guitar and sang for everyone who attended, and Helen, Clarence Park chef, made a beautiful cake, decorated with intricate flowers, Gladys’ name and a plaque with ‘105’ in diamantes.



BBC Points West attended, filming the very special occasion, interviewing Gladys and her two daughters, Barbara and birthday card from the queenBeryl. They revealed Gladys’ secret to her success being a very and happy life with great health.


You can see the interview here, watch from 21:37 minutes in.



Gladys' birthday cakeAnita Wingrove, Activities Coordinator said “It was a very successful celebration, and I would like to thank everyone for their help. I personally would like to say what a privilege it was to celebrate this wonderful achievement with Gladys”

“It was wonderful afternoon and the cake was lovely!” said Gladys Flenning


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