Alnwick care home residents enjoy major investment and launch of dementia strategy


Major Investment at Hillcrest Care HomeHillcrest Care Home in Alnwick has spent the winter months under renovation and is now refreshed, reopened and welcoming new visitors and residents.


The 48-bed home sits in a large, impressive Georgian building, which was built by a wealthy brewing family in the 1800s. It was the local maternity hospital in the 1950s, remembered by many of its current visitors and residents as a happy place where their children and grandchildren were born. An investment of over £350,000 has been made in the home, bringing it up to date in terms of modern internal and external appearance, and care provision. 


The home has been fitted with new floorings throughout, with updated decoration in communal areas. The original part of the building has had ensuite facilities added to most of the bedrooms that lacked them, and renovations to the existing ones. A dining room on each floor has been fitted with a new kitchenette and fresh decoration.


A prominent focus for the renovation has been the introduction of a dementia strategy, which the Executive Care Group has been implementing across a number of its homes. This includes the inclusion and development of tactile and interactive areas within the home, such as along the hallways and outside rooms, where residents can feel and hold artefacts that spark memory and conversation. One such area relates to cinema, with film reel and cinema chairs, whilst another is the seaside, with beach holidays, the Royal Mile and the farming alley.


Feedback from residents and their families has been excellent, with carers noticing a marked change in residents who might previously have been reluctant to communicate.


Chris Anderson, Home Manager, says; “We are all delighted with the renovations in the home. The dementia strategy is working well and our residents are interacting with staff and visitors, using the articles as an aid to conversation. The home looks clean and bright.”


The home has recently launched a weekly coffee morning on a Thursday, which is open to the general public, who may like to pop in for some coffee and biscuits. The coffee morning is open from 10.30am – 12pm.


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