Sport Relief Jane gets dressed for success

READY, GET SET, GO. Jane Bunker about to start her Sport Relief run at Colten Care's Woodpeckers home in Brockenhurst.
READY, GET SET, GO. Jane Bunker about to start her Sport Relief run at Colten Care’s Woodpeckers home in Brockenhurst.

An athletic member of staff at a New Forest care home has raised more than £200 for Sport Relief by dressing up for an unusual running challenge.


Jane Bunker, Activities Organiser at Colten Care’s Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst, was sponsored to run a lap of the home’s large garden wearing and carrying as many items of sports clothing and kit as she could.


On top of a swimming costume, football strip, jogging bottoms, Sport Relief t-shirt and taekwondo outfit, Jane wore a tutu, boxing and cricket gloves, cricket pads and other assorted garments.


Her head gear included a cricket helmet and riding hat and she managed to pick up a football, hula hoop, kayaking oar, golf club and various smaller kit items as she completed the circuit.


Residents waving Sport Relief flags saw her off and welcomed her back at the finishing line with a hearty round of applause.


Jane, a little breathless afterwards, said: “I thought it would be something different to try and I really enjoyed it. It’s for a good cause. The residents and staff at Woodpeckers have been fantastic in supporting me. People’s generosity is amazing.”


Resident Marjorie Kirby won a box of chocolates in a sweepstake aimed at guessing the correct number of sports-related items, 37, Jane ultimately wore or carried.


Other Sport Relief fundraising activities at Colten Care homes include a ‘mini Olympics’ challenge at Avon Cliff in Bournemouth on Friday, 18 March. Cups and medals will be awarded for points scored in skittles, target bowls, indoor golf and beanbag distance throws.


At Canford Chase in Poole on the same day, team members will be cycling for eight continuous hours on a static exercise bike to raise funds for Sport Relief.


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