Burnley Football Club delivers result as elderly fan enjoys VIP treatment!


IMG_0795 [3452]Residents in brighterkind homes are having their wishes turned to reality through a wishing well scheme that is fixing it for them to enjoy things they really want to do.

The scheme, which is unique to brighterkind, has been introduced into all 70 of its homes. Examples of wishes that have been granted include:

Norman Bannister, 92, who is a resident at The Grange care home is a long standing fan of Burnley Football club. He was treated to a VIP day, together with his grandson, including a tour of the grounds and behind the scenes. Norman said: “It was one of the best days of my life and Burnley beat Bristol City 4-0”.

Annie McNeil who is a resident at Avery Lodge, wished to continue Scottish dancing, so the activities team arranged for members of a local Scottish dancing club to come in and dance and Anne got up and performed her favourite dance for other residents. Two ladies from the club visit the home every other week to sing and Annie gets to dance.

Nancy Wiltshire resident at Brampton View wishes to share her love of poetry. The staff arranged for her to read poems to residents at special events such as the Armistice Day wreath laying ceremony and a Christmas Eve party. Now she meets regularly with a group of other residents who share her love of poetry.

poemHelen Brown, National Activities Manager for brighterkind said: “In each of our homes we have a programme of activities and entertainment that is planned together with residents so they have wide appeal. In addition we try to learn about the things that individual people really want to do as something special and through the wishing well scheme, we make it happen whenever we are able.”


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