Is there really a lighter side to Alzheimer’s?


Knickers in the Fridge-Care Industry NewsIs there really a lighter side to Alzheimer’s? Care Industry News has just discovered¬†Knickers in the Fridge¬†which gives a very honest and true account of living with someone who is living with dementia.

The author Jane Grierson gives an honest account of how dementia has affected her family.

Molly’s family think there is, and so, apparently, does Molly. Her heartwarming story demonstrates with elegance and gentle humour that dementia need not be all doom and gloom. Here is a real story about real people and some very real problems but written with compassion and charm. This is not a “how to” book, but it will help to lighten the lives of all who have to deal with the intrusion into their lives of this dreaded disease.

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