Sunrise kicks off #knitforwinter Campaign for Premature Babies


Photo taken by First TouchSunrise Senior Living, a leading provider of senior care, has partnered with the charity First Touch on a campaign to knit woolly clothes for premature babies over the colder months.

#knitforwinter will see residents and staff at Sunrise communities across the UK helping to keep these babies warm and toasty by hosting knitting circles and donating the knitted items to First Touch babies.

First Touch supports 600 babies each year at the Neonatal Unit at St George’s Hospital, many of which have been born prematurely. Along with the elderly, ‘preemie’ babies are among those most at risk of hypothermia. This means many of the premature babies born in the next few weeks won’t be home in time for their first Christmas this year.

This is the second time Sunrise has run the #knitforwinter campaign. Last year Sunrise worked with a community of knitting bloggers to produce warm clothing for older people. Excess winter deaths caused by the cold are a serious issue for the elderly, with Age UK reporting that one elderly person dies needlessly every 7 minutes.

Amanda Scott, Managing Director of Sunrise Senior Living, said:

“After the great success of last year’s #knitforwinter campaign, we’re excited to take on another important cause this winter in raising awareness for the 1 in 9 babies born prematurely in the UK every year. “We’ll see society’s oldest taking care of its youngest, with help from a fabulous community of talented knitters. We look forward to getting as many people involved as possible and warmly invite everyone, whether beginner or experienced knitter, to take part.”

To find out how you can support #knitforwinter please go to:


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