Lack of promised social care funding is a betrayal of people reliant on the care system

Vicky McDermott
Vicky McDermott

At Prime Minister’s Questions the Leader of the Opposition challenged David Cameron on his plans for social care. During the exchange, questions were raised over the government’s plans for funding social care over the life of the parliament after the Chancellor revealed in the Spending Review that only £1.5bn would be added to the Better Care Fund.


The government’s lack of financing for social care has drawn widespread criticism from across the social care and healthcare sectors.


Speaking after the exchange in the House of Commons, Vicky McDermott the Chair of the Care and Support Alliance explained, “Jeremy Corbyn raised the issue of social care and the additional pressures the government’s lack of investment will have on the NHS.

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“We now know that David Cameron has no plans to fund social care to the tune of the £6billion he promised before the General Election. This is a betrayal of the people who a reliant on the social care system for themselves and their families.


“Instead, he is transferring responsibility onto local councils by asking them to introduce a 2% social care precept and adding £1.5billion to the Better Care Fund which hasn’t worked and which will be largely accessed by the NHS, rather than social care.


“The government needs to think innovatively and engage in the debate on how to tackle the social care crisis. They must also revise their plans to finance the system or they will be condemning millions of people to a vicious cycle of inadequate care, longer waiting times in A&E and GP surgeries and delayed discharges from hospital.”



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