Former Antiques Roadshow’s Michael Laikin visits TLC Care Homes

Former Antiques Roadshow's Michael Laikin
Former Antiques Roadshow’s Michael Laikin

Former BBC Antiques Roadshow expert and valuer Michael Laikin visited five TLC care homes where he surprised residents and staff by revealing that some of their possessions were worth much more than they had thought.

On his visit to TLC Carlton Court, on Bells Hill, next door to Barnet Hospital, one resident was surprised to discover that a vase she had in her room was an antique from China worth around £500. What’s more, she had two porcelain figurines which were each worth around £120 each. Meanwhile, a 95-year-old ex-soldier was informed that his medals collection was worth around £700, although he said he would donate them to the Royal British Legion rather than sell.


A TLC spokesman said of Mr Laikin: “He was bubbly and quirky and had a story for everything. It was a really good day.”

Mr Laikin is booked to come back to more TLC Care Homes in the new year.


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